Why instagram stories?

At pöf pöf jewellery, we quickly saw the added value of professional instagram stories. Instagram Stories offer us four advantages:

  1. An increase of the range by the possibility to set location tags, hash tags or profile mentions.
  2. Interaction with followers and simple customer surveys
  3. Background stories about travel with branding effect
  4. Product Stories to introduce new products

Where do you get the content from?

We try to post two "professional" stories a week and have already been able to prefabricate dozens of stories from our travels that we will be able to post over the next few weeks. In order to find additional material for stories, we use Unsplash for product stories, where we add free stock photos to our pictures.

But stock photos have a certain look, don't they?

We always make sure that when we use stock photos, the photos meet our quality standards. By this we mean not only the technical requirements, but above all the naturalness of the photos and not the standard photos you often see at other companies. Stories pass within 24 hours, for everything else we only use our own photos.

Do you recognize in the example below which picture is from us and which is not?

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