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Raphael Buchberger

I am an interdisciplinary Creative Director with work bridging 360 marketing campaigns, ux design and visual strategy to drive impact. I have 10+ years of design experience and built up marketing and creative teams from the ground. With my experience I cope with complex projects,  form suiting teams and lead the project from an idea to the golive and beyond.
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USer-Centered Design

My Skill Set

Web and App Development

can start with a simple responsive landing page and might end up with a custom app which is fully performance optimised and offers state of the art user experience.

Graphic Design

is the process of problem-solving and visual communication through the use of typography, photography and illustration. It can set the standards of a design system (Corporate Identity, Styleguide, Design System).

User Experience Design

combines illustrations, typography, layouts and micro interactions to create the best usability of products and improve their aesthetic appeal.

Strategy and Consulting

Design is always solving a problem and does not stop at visual appearance. It can be the base of a fundamental strategy, be used to automate or create new processes.
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