Why packaging is so important

We don't just want to make jewellery, we want to tell a story. For us every piece of jewellery and design is as unique as a memory. Every pöf pöf is packed with love and contains personal greetings from Munich. We work together with a silversmith on Bali, whose entire family has been working with silver and gold for decades. In our small studio in Munich we assemble the individual parts. In order to do justice to the uniqueness of the product in terms of packaging, we have thought long and hard about how to design this process. In the end, it became a triple unboxing process, with attention to detail at every step.

The product - the beginning

To hold the delicate bracelets in position, a custom card was created. The slogan of the card matches the claim of the label and is printed with a shell pattern, which is also used on the packaging.

The jewellery bag

A cotton bag is supplied to protect the jewellery from external influences. The bag is printed by hand using the screen printing process.

The birthday moment

Every time you unpack something, you automatically feel happy. To create this feeling, each product is wrapped in tissue paper and held together with a printed label.

The arrival

In order to arouse joy already before the unboxing, the complete packaging was printed with the shell pattern. As a small detail the claim "start wearing your memories" was printed on the opening flap. As soon as you open the flap you can start wearing your memories.

The extras

A personalized card

Every buyer supports the founder and the silver smith family in Bali. That's why we want to say thank you with a personalized card. Thanks for the opportunity to create such a product and to preserve memories.

A sticker that makes you happy

As a nice gesture we add a sticker to every delivery. At the same time the sticker also serves as a marketing tool, because the website is printed on it.

The whole story

See the whole story in motion on our instagram channel! If you want to experience it for yourself check out our store.

see the whole story in motion