The International Maltacamp

The International Maltacamp (IMS) is something unique: young volunteers spend a week of holidays with physically and mentally impaired friends from around 20 countries in the world. The volunteers support, help and care for the young handicapped. Together, they experience extraordinary activities like rock climbing, luging, partying and paragliding.

This year the event will take place in the middle of nature and mountains in the Benedictine abbey Ettal, about one hour drive from Munich, Bavaria.

Together with Louis Edlinger who composed the music and Amelie Aulock who is responsible for the overall planning of this event, we created this video as a pro bono project. We had two hours to film the monastery and got lucky that the sun came out in the right moment. Afterwards I did the rough cut, sent it over to Louis and he composed the music on top of it. When I go it back I finalised the video right in time so that Amelie could present it in London in front of more than 500 volunteers. I am curious how the event turns out and I wish all the participants and volunteers an amazing time in Ettal.

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