Only recently I was together with my girlfriend at a Wine Tasting in Munich. The event was organised by Max and Moritz who have already established their own small company called THE WINESTORE. They import wine from South African boutique vineries. When I found out that they wanted to relaunch their site the next day, I offered them to test the site and give my feedback. I split up the design review in three parts since it features quite a few different sites. The first part was about the homepage and its structure. This second part is about the shop and the other pages. So here we go:

The shop

The overview
At the shop all products are listed, but it is not recognizable what the products are sorted by. Quick actions allows you to add products to your shopping cart or to your favourites. In order to better differentiate the individual products from each other, you could add a grey background for each of the product images as it is usual with successful e-commerce shops such as Zalando or ASOS. The separate sale site is a great idea.

The filters
Currently you can find the products by wine variety, winery. Grape variety and price sort. There are more than 50 filter options for 100 products, which could overstrain the customer. To avoid this, you could collapse the filters you don't use often by using a dropdown. To see what is not often used I would use Hotjar to create heatmaps from the page. Then you can see exactly how the customers filter the products. For non wine-lovers a filter for dry, sweet, fruity and heavy would also be helpful. The choice of several options (for example two wineries) is currently not possible. If a wine is sold out, there should be a possibility to be put on a waiting list.

Product page

The product page offers a lot of information about the wine. Maybe  icons could be used to show the taste of the wine as shown in the wine seminar. The buttons seem a bit too long and could be limited to a maximum width. The related products show completely different wine sorts and wineries and one cannot recognise why the suggested products would fit.


Overall the shop is very well designed. Concerning the usability and logic attention should be payed to the the filters and the recommended wines.

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