What is Onlokka.de?

Onlokka.de is the first online shop only for products and brands from Munich. The Shop makes it easy to shop regionally and locally.

Design - The first impression

The visible part of a page without scrolling is called above the fold. This part of the website decides whether new users remain on the website or jump off. In the desktop/laptop view, the content is clearly structured and you can immediately see what Onlokka is all about: shopping locally online. For this new products presented in the Hero Slider and you will be directly attracted to the benefits of the page (free shipping from 120€, 30 days return policy and regional products). The menu is fixed when scrolling above the page and is also clearly arranged.

How to improve the first impression:

  • The navigation bar is currently taking up a lot of space, this could be displayed smaller. Alternatively, you can make the bar large at the beginning and reduce the height when scrolling and only make the small logo variant visible on the bar (circle with onlokka.de).
  • The buttons still look a bit "retro". Better you omit the light 3D effect and orientate yourself on the "flat design".

Design – Mobile

When you visit the site via your smartphone, you notice that there is a need for optimizations in the mobile view. The cookie message is omnipresent and fills out half of the page when you access it, the other half is filled out by the Menu filled out. Thus the user does not see a single picture or the H1, the most important heading of the whole page. As soon as the user clicks away the cookie message, half an image with half a heading is displayed.

How to convince smartphone users of the homepage:

  • Reduce cookie message significantly (shorten text,
    Arrange text and buttons vertically instead of horizontally)
  • Reduce and restructure the navigation bar considerably
  • Fill whole page for navigation dropdown
  • The edge distance of the container in which the heading is located is considerably reduced so that the words do not wrap so quickly.
  • Try to use a more on flat design for the button

Usability – The purchase process

The purchase process is very clearly structured and the user is forwarded from one step to the next. With the Shopping Card there is visible HTML, which should be corrected. The name varies between Shopping Card and Shopping Cart. On the overview page the grey frame is slightly shifted and the "buy now" button should have a little more distance to the top.

Usability – Product Infos

In the list view of the products you can display the products either with heading and price, or with heading, price and further information. The option is a great gimmick and handy, but you have to flip the switch at the top, so the function disappears when you scroll and is no longer visible to use it.

How to improve the usability:

  • One info button per product to show the customer the most important information immediately
  • More information when clicking on the picture, because the user clicks automatically and probably doesn't get the idea that clicking on the headline takes him to the overview page.

Logic – The categorization

The products are divided into different categories, but many of the categories are subcategories. By the possible saving of the categories the side becomes more logical and shorter. Since not so many products are currently offered on the site, more products can be displayed in one category. This makes the page look fuller and the customer has the feeling of being offered many products and does not find almost empty pages.

A proposal to combine categories


Onlakka.de leaves a very reasonable first impression. The structure is clear, the user has the possibility to inform himself about regional products and brands and to order them in a few steps. There are weak points in the mobile design and in the logic of the categories. In my opinion, Onlokka.de starts with a successful site.

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